Who I am

I am a microbial physiologist with expertise in microbial central metabolism and anaerobic pathways for energy generation.

I would like to be able to converge my scientific knowledge, leadership, and spirituality, to contribute knowledge, inspire other people to find their way. If you have an interesting proposal to share with me, contact me.

Contact Me


    Synthetic communities of microbes as a tool to understand ancient ecological interactions.​

    I present my recent work at the 2019 edition of the Astrobiology Scientific Conference #palaeoecomicrophysiology

    My scientific knowledge, leadership, and spirituality converge in my projects. In them I contribute knowledge, I try to inspire other people to find their way.

    I want to contribute to humanity and the planet earth on two levels: the internal (music, spirituality) and the external (how to live more sustainably, how to eat better to improve personal physical health and the planet, educate the public in scientific aspects)




    These are some of my published works.

    Hui L, N. Szeinbaum, TJ DiChristina, M Taillefert (2012) Microbial Mn (IV) reduction requires an initial one-electron reductive solubilization step. Geochimica et Cosmochimica /Acta 99:179-192.

    Szeinbaum N., JL Burns, TJ DiChristina (2014), Electron transport and protein secretion pathways involved in Mn (III) reduction by Shewanella oneidensis. Environmental Microbiology Reports / 6 (5): 490-500.

    Gormally C, C. Subiño, N. Szeinbaum (2016) Uncovering barriers to enacting inquiry teaching: Inconsistent facilitation techniques, student resistance, and reluctance to share control over learning with students. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education / 17 (2): 215–224.